Zoze Gel Polish

Zoze Gel Polish



Hi my name is Zoe and i have been a nail tech for over 16 years.  I first trained with CND in acrylic application but have undertaken many other training courses over the years to keep up with different trends within the industry.  I have also worked in lots of different environments within the industry ie. salon, home, mobile, hairdressers and although I enjoyed each and every position I held I am now in the perfect setting for me.  My husband built me my very own salon in our garden(yep it’s a shed) and I love it.


My passion (obsession) for gel polish started properly about 6 years ago when I finally realised the old saying of “buy cheap, buy twice” is so very true in the world of gel polish.  I then made it my mission to find the best brand for customers.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of fabulous brands out there and i have enjoyed receiving and using plenty of them…but…I have never found one that ticked all of my boxes(yes I’m probably too fussy).  After some consideration(and lots of number crunching) I decided to design and build my own brand.


Presenting ZOZE…Highly pigmented, smooth application, 15ml round bottles beautifully presented in classy, black and gold design.  So that was the most important step I took but I also wanted to make sure my customer service was second to none as I felt some brands overlook this super important step and often leave customers feeling unheard and unvalued.  Well not at ZOZE, here, customers come first and foremost.  With the skills and knowledge I have learnt over the years I want to help my customers with tips and tricks of using gel polish.  I hope to build a community of nail techs using ZOZE, where we can all help and learn from each other.  My hopes for the future of ZOZE is all about nails.  I would love to source and retail all nail products but gel polish is my passion so here goes……..

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